Wednesday, 7 October 2009

SCONES recipe

SCONES - many people ask Christine for this quick and lovely recipe

300 ml cream
300 ml Lemonade
sifted 4 cups White Self raising flour
1 pinch salt

Prepare 30cm by 20cm tin/tray by oiling and dusting with cornflour.
Heat oven to 180 to 200c.
Make well in center of flour
Add cream and lemonade and mix with fork until mixed together.
If it is crumbly ie little lumps – use a disposable glove and press together to make one big lump. But the less you move it the better. Do not roll mixture.
Press straight into the tin, cut squares lightly then cook until lightly browned.

When you take it out finish cutting the squares but leave to cool.
I test with a skewer to know if cooked inside.

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