Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Prophecy for Cornerstone from Jeremiah Yap

As presented by Kathee on Sunday 13 December 2009


I see new platforms being built by the Lord for your people to stand on to be launched into kingdom ministries. Platforms of reaching different types of people and there is an anointing on these platforms I see people of varied clothing and colours more than what you have had before.

The anointing of the Lord on you will take you into rivers that flow over different parched lands.

I perceive a wind of change blowing over and there is a shift in the spirit over your church. It is shift for God’s strategy that amounts to something greater and broader.

It is not as you have perceived how things should be in the past. The platforms are as nets that bring in the fish. The platforms are as stations where fishes are being cleaned and kept. The platforms are also points of docking of fishing boats that bring in people from different lands.

This is a new day of anointing of the evangelist and the pastoral together.

The days of restriction are over in this breath of God’s new wind. Put on your garment you have been called.

I speak a word of release to you and your church in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. A new day in Jesus name

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