Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tanna - Greenhill buildings in Satellite view

Did you know the buildings that Cornerstone has built on Tanna are visible on Google Maps?
Well I did not realise that until Graeme Rule created a placemark map which I have put into Google. You need to click View larger Map and then zoom in until you see the placemark tags.

Actually it works best in Google Earth click for the download if you install then you can click Google earth on "View in Google Earth" and download the kml which will open the map in Google Earth then you can really zoom in and see the building from the satellite - view on Google maps is not as good.

I hope the placemarks are correct so please let me know of any misplacements or new places we should add

Remember CITY on Tanna
C ornerstone
I nstitute of
T rades for
Y outh

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