Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Three Questions on work in Vietnam

Hi everyone,

Asked by a supporting church the following questions recently, we thought it would be great for you to know the answer to these 3 questions as well. Questions that you also may have on your mind to ask us as well.

Happy to answer your questions…..

The three things are....

1. Where and to who have you been serving this last year –

· This year, we have gone north, south and west. Travelling WEST - into Laos and Cambodia to begin a coalition together with other believers from our neighbouring countries to work together to stamp out trafficking. Travelling NORTH to Hanoi, to train young women who have an evang…. heart to reach the lost. Training them to use the tool of the Shine Program to take the message out into their market place.

· Travelling SOUTH to HCMC– to gather together with all AOG leaders and many believers for the ‘history making day’ of receiving legal recognition of the ch.

· Travelling into the MOUNTAINS to touch the lives of the ethnic minority people and others devastated by the typhoons. Here in Danang and Quang Nam to minister to 1000s of lives through showing them that God sees their needs and wants to meet them at their point of need.

· Also here in Danang, training many leaders locally and from surrounding countries in the pre evang…. tool of using the Shine Program to reach young women at risk, coming out of prostitution, in social welfare centres, the deaf community, women with HIV, schools and beyond.

2. What has been the most exciting or satisfying accomplishment or event this last year.

· By far, the most significant day was standing in a room with 1000s celebrating the legal recognition of the ch.

· Secondly, the training of so many in the Shine Program from Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Finland, Holland, Philippines, America in the Shine Program to take it back to, not only their countries, but beyond to India and Indonesia as well. We have found through this program, it is bringing healing to many. It is also an excellent tool to get girls and young women to make right choices before heading down a destructive path.

· Seeing 1000s of lives transformed through community development. Having the chance to pray with families who come in with their sick children suffering from life threatening heart disease.

3. What do you look forward to or plan for in the coming year.

· With our ramping up of working to eradicate trafficking, we will be doing more Shine Training but also job skill training. The question has been asked to girls who still continue to go into places like Cambodia and live a less than existent life and are sexually abused is, “why are you going there, when you know what has happened to others.” Their answer is always the same, “it won’t happen to me, I am stronger, I will be ok”. We want to give them alternatives to this lifestyle so we will be providing vocational training in many fields. (Hospitality being one and connecting others with business people in the field the girls are interested in). We see a threefold process here. Take them through the Shine Program, give them training in a vocation so they can get a REAL job and lead them to salv……

· We are looking to build a ch in the Mekong Delta area. This will be built in a strategic location. An up and coming city in VN.

· Continue to bring transformation into 1000s of lives working together with the ch so they are doing Community Based Evan…


Paul and Deb

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