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Doug Higgins - 2009 and start of 2010

Doug & Fiona Higgins here. We trust you have had a great year in 2009 and we pray God’s richest blessings for you in 2010.

2009 has been a significant year for us in many ways; a year of growth, development and progress with some challenges among it. Psalm 121:2 says “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth”. God provides our help by partnering with you. Your partnership enables the work here to continue. Thankyou; your heart for the work is changing lives and destinies.

A personal look at 2009.
Fiona spent a few weeks in Australia in December. Her father has been ill but is steadily improving. This was an important family time.
James (19 y.o. on January 1st 2010) graduated from school and is studying a Discipleship Training Program at the YWAM base in Chiang Mai. This also included an outreach into China and an extensive outreach in north Thailand. He hopes to do a short Media and I.T. internship in Australia at Harvest Bible College before returning to Thailand to work with us in mid 2010.
Zac (turned 17 in August) is studying year 11. He is keen on a number of options and is looking to study further after graduating.
Doug had a busy year; and is looking to God for great things in 2010.
A statistical look at 2009 for Capacity, the Creators Church Network and For Better Life Foundation.
Churches planted: 7
Nail Poverty house building project. We have started building the first home.
First time decisions for Christ: 2040
Water Baptisms: 610
Preaching and Teaching engagements: 180.
Conferences, Camps, Retreats and Seminars: 24
Bible College teaching engagements: 5
Visiting international ministry and project teams: 22
Short term international volunteer workers: 8
Business and administration meetings: Too many.
Children’s homes we worked with: 10
Ministry time in Australia. In 4 weeks in Australia we visited most of our partners and attended the ACC national conference
Launched a website that we are still developing. Have a look and let us know what you think.
Projects ongoing: 12
Projects started: 8
Projects completed: 8. The completed projects are
1.Helped provide a sustainable water source to 2 villages.
2.Built a big upstairs room at the Emmanuel girl’s home in Maesai.
3.Bought a motorbike for the House of Dreams in Phayao.
4.Built a vehicle and storage garage for the House of Dreams in Phayao.
5.Built a multi purpose building at the school in Doi Saket.
6.Built a children’s home at the Youth Hub in Wiang Papao.
7.Bought many necessary items for the House of Dreams in Phayao.
8.Built a mushroom farm at the Emmanuel girl’s home in Maesai.

We believe 2010 will be an important year for us in Thailand. As Capacity we facilitate, implement and resource vision. To do this as effectively as possible we want to link you with between 1 and 3 aspects of the work here. We want to help you to achieve your vision in missions in Thailand. Please pray about your involvement in the following areas for 2010.

Nail Poverty. Building 100 houses for poor people. This was started in 2009 and now we are set to push this project through.
House of Dreams Phayao. Helping at risk children attain a better life.
Emmanuel girls home Maesai. Helping at risk children attain a better life.
Medical Clinics. Reaching out to poor villages and families that don’t have adequate medical access.
Medical Student Scholarships Laos. Providing scholarships to 12 very dedicated yet very poor medical students in Laos.
Child sponsorship. Sponsoring children to provide them with a hope and a destiny.
Education scholarships. Providing schooling scholarships so children can complete their education.
Church planting. We want to plant 10 churches in 2010. (We have already planted 3 churches this year).
Leadership Development. We aim to work with 50 leaders in training in 2010.
Children’s Homes. Continue developing, encouraging and consolidating the homes.
Prison Ministry. Expansion into additional prisons including building a multi purpose building in the Nong Khai prison.
Mitrijit School in Doi Saket. Buy 3 blocks of land. Build a 3 storey school. Reroof the existing building. Place computers in the
School, re do the medical room and develop a quality library.
Bible College teaching. Doug usually does guest Bible College teaching stints each year.
Conferences, Camps, Retreats and Seminars. There are 8 scheduled at this stage.
Every Home for Christ. Placing the Word of God into eight hundred thousand homes in the next 2 years.
International ministry time. We are scheduling two trips to Australia in 2010 and possibly some others in S.E. Asia.
International ministry and project teams. Please bring a team for a week or two. Teams are a huge and invaluable help.
Short term international volunteer workers. Please come and join us in the work here. There is plenty to do.
James Higgins will spend a few months from April to July in Australia. He will be doing a mentorship raising funds as well.


English language teaching centre. So we can host several English language teachers in various locations. One Thai pastor who has a church of over 500 members here told me every leader in his church came to Christ through an English language program.
Youth Hub in Wiang Papao. A project for Unreached and at risk youth in the area. We are buying land and are looking to build a girls home; a boy’s home; a church; a drop in centre; a vocational training centre; and a multi purpose building. There are almost 3000 students in 2 schools within 500 metres of the property.
Child sponsorship program. Full sponsorship is $45 per month. Change a life and create a destiny.
Education scholarship program. Help to educate a child for $25 per month. One thousand young people are ready and waiting for education sponsors.
Build a multi purpose/church building inside a prison. At Nong Khai on the Thai Laos border not far from Vientiane the capital of Laos. In 2008 many made first time decisions for Christ here. On December 21st 2009 we conducted a meeting with 250 in attendance. Eighty people from 6 different countries made first time decisions for Christ and were water baptised in the meeting. We are strategically linking with a significant prison ministry to further facilitate and resource this work. If you are interested in prison ministry we need you to partner with us in this crucial work.
A school for stateless children from Burma. In Mae Ra Mart on the Thai Burma border we are working with the local pastor and her team to create this. The children cross the border because life in the Thai refugee camps is better than life for them in Burma. With this school the children will be able to get Thai citizenship allowing them to live a normal life in Thailand. We have the cooperation and assistance of the Thai authorities in the area.
A centre for the children of prostitutes. In Pattaya together with the local church we are developing this significant and strategic project. This will have a positive effect on the lives of the prostitutes, not just the children. It is an exciting work and there are key Thai pastors in our network who have the heart and vision to carry this project through.
A safety centre for desperate and destitute families. In Chiang Khum on the Laos border we are looking to partner with a local group of churches to facilitate this. It means help with education costs for the children, and it will also mean building a children’s home for a number of children who don’t have family at all. Many of the families have generationally crossed into Thailand from Laos and now cannot go back to Laos but can’t move freely around Thailand without proper identification papers.
Mitrijit School in Doi Saket. We need to write this as a new project as the current project criteria has been met here. PTL. We now need to buy 2 small blocks of land and a larger block of land, build a 3 storey school and dormitory, renew the existing school building roof, buy 10 computers, build a sick bay and build a new library. The current student intake is 280 and immediate anticipated goal is 500 students, which will be achieved as soon as we are able to facilitate the items listed.
Pray for our current partners that they remain fresh with the vision and hungry to see God’s plan unfold in Thailand.
Pray that more partners will join us in the work in Thailand.
Pray for Thailand, for blessing and stability here.
Pray for wisdom for us as we develop projects, plant churches and raise leaders.
Pray for resources for the vision. Pray that we can effectively facilitate, implement and resource the great vision that God has laid upon the heart of His people in Thailand.
Pray for short and long term international volunteers. We have key people waiting to return to us in Thailand. Pray they will be able to raise their budget easily and quickly. Pray for others to join us here as well. The work is growing at a rate that needs a quality and committed international team in Thailand and abroad.
Pray God’s protection for the work and for everyone involved in the work here. The spiritual battle is constant.
Pray God’s heart and hand of blessing in 2010.

As well as prayer how else can you help?
Consider visiting us to help in practical ways. Bring your church or your team, bring your family or just bring yourself.
Send us financial support. Much of the project work and sponsorships are tax deductible. We (Doug and Fiona) are not, but we still like to live and eat!
Get our calendar. We have created a small desktop calendar for 2010. We are asking for any donation you care to make for this. It would make a great present to give to your friends and family. It is functional and quality calendar, showing pictures and telling stories of the work we are doing. You can have us on your desk all year. :)
Visit our new (and still developing) website and tell us what you think.
Thankyou for partnering with us in 2009, and we trust that as we partner together in 2010 we will achieve much for the Kingdom.

Please contact us. We would love to hear from you. Email is best:-
Doug, Fiona, James & Zac Higgins
ACC WM missionaries to Thailand
P.O. Box 124
Phone: +66 894 333 385

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