Monday, 31 May 2010

Prayer Alert - Tanna Volcano dust clouds

Please pray for our team as they come into Tanna
and give thanks for what has been happening to release the cargo cult people
and they do live down towards the volcano

Vanuatu ash cloud threatens planes

By Philippa McDonald

Posted 3 hours 53 minutes ago

Airlines flying over Vanuatu are being warned about the dangers of a huge ash cloud from an erupting volcano.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in Wellington has issued the warning, reporting an ash cloud covering 100 nautical miles and almost two kilometres high.

Both airlines and tourists are being told of the dangers from ash and volcanic rocks from the erupting volcano on Vanuatu's Tana island.

Mount Yasur is popular among tourists as it is just a short walk from a car park to the crater.

But tourists are now banned from visiting the volcano and the health of villagers who live close by is being monitored.

Vanuatu ash cloud threatens planes - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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