Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vietnam: Hi from Paul and Deb

Hi friends,

I can’t believe it’s June! Although it seems the year is again flying by, we choose to take hold of TODAY. Today is what we have in our hands and maximizing this day IS going to make a difference. Thank the Lord for TODAY.

In the last couple of months we have built a baptismal for AOG in central Vietnam, seen more village transformation, more lives changed but also LAUNCHED Strength for young guys as well as trained more trainers in Shine. Testimonies are coming in from all over South East Asia from those we have trained. Very excited and we are believing for the same with Strength.

The best way for you to see some of the things we are up to is to check out our website which continues to be updated.
We are thankful for you and pray for God’s blessing on TODAY for you.
Paul and Deb

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