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Higgins Family Thailand Update 2010

To all our dear family, friends and partners.

Warmest greetings to you from Doug, Fiona, James & Zac.

We want to thank you for all you have contributed during 2010.  Your prayers, gifts, visitations, advice and general assistance to the work and to us personally has been invaluable.

We thank God for each and every one of you and pray that you are having a blessed Christmas and New Year season and we are looking forward with you to a successful and fruitful year in 2011.

2010 has been punctuated by significant moments of success and significant moments of challenge for us.  It has been a growing year in many ways with James now joining Capacity.  Zac is in year 12 preparing to return to Australia sometime in 2011.  If you live in Melbourne and are interested in assisting an MK find his feet for a while we would love to hear from you.  He has also done some runway and catalogue modeling as well.  Fiona and myself are preparing for a new season in the ministry here.

We will start 2011 with a small team of westerners and we are grateful to God for that.  Rod & Sue, Melody, Ruth, James & Penny (now based in Australia) are all helping to take Capacity to what we believe God has intended for it to be. There are a number of churches, individuals, organizations and businesses we want to say a special thank you to as we would not be where we are today without you.

As this year draws to a close we look to reflect on what we have done well, what we need to improve on and prayerfully consider God’s direction for 2011.  Sorry that our communication back to you has been scant this year.  We have already implemented a number of systems to see this greatly improved on in 2011.  You will be hearing from us a lot more in written and audio visual communication in 2011.  The girls home in Maesai is temporarily closed, we anticipate reopening it for the school year in 2011.  We also have significant budget needs for the different projects.  Those are the challenges, now to the most encouraging aspects of 2010.

Highlights for 2010

We hosted three teams and then Fiona & I went to Perth for 2 weeks, attended the Influencers conference, caught up with many people there and were able to share about the work in various areas.  We also had a few days to rest which was great.  The WA beaches are stunning.

We returned to Thailand and hit the ground running.  Lots of preaching and teaching, 3 board meetings, 2 graduation services, Koos our architect for the Nail Poverty project paid a visit as did Terry and Viv, friends from Victoria.  We got new computers in February for ourselves and 10 computers for the school (thanks Terry) as well.  PTL.

Leanne and Mary visited.  70 meetings this month, a visit by Sean and Greg was very encouraging. Opened a new church plant in Chiang Rai. Thai youth camp (3000 in attendance).

James went to Australia, thankyou Faith! and friends for looking after him.  Team in from Perth, ministered brilliantly.  Time with Koos our architect and Rod our building manager before flying to Australia for a few weeks. Lots of meetings and preaching opportunities.  A busy time in cold Melbourne.

A month of driving all over south east Australia, including one car write off and whiplash which still keeps me awake at night.  Many meetings and opportunities to share about the work here.  Thankyou to everyone who so graciously hosted me.

A lot of traveling most of which was driving, also sharing about the work, teaching and preaching.
Week 1.  Melbourne to Adelaide to Mt Gambier to Melbourne to Albury to Mt Beauty to Wangaratta.
Week 2. After a medical examination; Wangaratta to Horsham to Berri to Hamilton to Mt Gambier to Melbourne.
 Then fly back to Thailand, small team in lots of meetings and catch up work.  Fiona and Zac joined James in Australia.

Administration, catch up work, significant meetings, reporting, lots of driving, tele conferences and off to Phuket to prepare for our ACC missions conference with the Pan Asia region.

Pan Asia conference. A great conference.  It gets better each year.  IF you can manage it in 2011 we encourage you to be there.  After conference we hosted 3 teams at the same time in Chiang Mai.  This worked well.  Great to see churches coming together to advance the Kingdom of God.  I (Doug) taught Bible College students about the person and works of the Holy Spirit.  Great to see Fiona and the boys again after their time in Australia.

Lots of various meetings, Koos dropped in again, and we had 6 teams in for building, medical and vision testing, giving away glasses and for general ministry.  I received an Eagle award from the Victorian ACC.  Thankyou to our peers for believing in us and what we do.

Teams, a church planting seminar, a short holiday, Neville over to help Rod & Sue build for 2 weeks and Steve and Merle visiting were all wonderful things in October.  A definite highlight for us was the first ever Creators Church conference, where among other things we ordained 4 ministers.  Thankyou Phil & Brad for making it a special time for us.

Lots of meetings, building and ministry teams, a church planting seminar, a church plant opening and a major prayer meeting kept Doug busy.  Fiona enjoyed the annual women’s conference just out of Chiang Mai.  We even managed a couple of days away.

Building and ministry teams and our annual trip east to Issan for prison ministry were keys for December.  Lots of paperwork and reports too as we head into a new year.  The Nail Poverty project received a special community achievement award from Boeing International.  This is the first time the award has ever been given to a non American organization.  How cool is that?    

There have also been thousands of gift packages of clothes & toiletry packs, shoes & school stationery given away throughout the year as well.  Thankyou for your help in making this possible.

Nail Poverty is moving forward with the 2 storey home finished and 5 floor pads laid during the year as well.  This has been significant as 2010 has been a huge learning curve for us all as we approach these significant projects.  The other projects including the Wiang Papao Youth Hub, the House of Dreams, the Mitrijit School and various others we are working with are looking good for 2011.

2010 has been a stretching year for us.  No doubt it has for you as well.  We are looking for a bigger year in 2011.  We pray, we fast, we work and we believe in a miracle working God.  If you would like to visit with us, send a team, come as a volunteer or come as a friend, we would love to see you here as part of what God is doing in, through and with us.  Consider factoring a visit to Capacity in Thailand into your schedule for 2011!

Statistically this is what we looked like in 2010.

Churches Planted   75  
  Leaders in training    60  
  Leaders in workshops   1510  
  Students Passed Bible Courses    322  
  Salvations   1384  
  Water Baptisms   345
 Baptism in the Holy Spirit 163
  Major Projects operating
Children Assisted   1635  
International teams   29  
Numbers in teams   182  
Team work hours   4836  
Other volunteers   7    
Volunteer hours worked   7000  
Kilometers driven   70919  
Meetings (Doug)   601  
Conferences/Seminars   15  
Hospitals visited   5  
Prisons Visited   56  
Schools visited   48
Bed nights away (Doug)   150  
EHC Houses visited   268235  
Total Houses visited   279235    
Thai Churches involved   221  
Distribute Gospel of John   160553  
EHC Literature for Children   413970  
EHC Literature for Adults   1386978    
Total EHC Literature distributed   1800948  
Enquiry letters to EHC   4151  
Requested lesson packs sent   3756

75 churches planted 1384 salvations, 1635 children assisted, 1.8 million pieces of Christian literature distributed, 279235 houses visited and the Gospel of John placed into the hands of 160553 people during 2010 gives us a good launching pad to confidently enter 2011 with joy, praise and thanksgiving abounding.

Thankyou everybody, Merry Christmas, happy New Year and may God richly bless you and all your endeavors in 2011.

Doug, Fiona, James & Zac Higgins.

Chiang Mai Thailand.

Please pass this email onto anyone that you think might be interested in it.

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Phone. + 66 894 333 385
Post.  Doug Higgins P.O. Box 124 Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand.  

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