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Pastor Joshua News for December 2010

Monthly news letter year 2010 Months December

Hellow every body welcome to our latest news for this year 2010 . First thing we want to tell you that God is still working mightily through the ministry in our Nation .

This year I did a visit to Ambae Island that is in Penama Province as I have already sent news about that God has bless a lot of Christians in the Island as I visited 4 churches

Today I,am receiving good news that come from the island that they call it Ps Joshua’s system .It is mainly about the way I thought them to run a service with the letting of the Holy spirit . They said its very short and very powerful .Now they are calling me on the telephone to go back very soon so may be I will visit them on April 2011 Depending on how much finance to enable me to go over .

InTafea province we did a lot of outreaches and many more people got save and got Baptise. 16th of November we had a great service and 23 candidates got baptist . We registered 90 New born believers got baptist that is in Tanna (Tafea province ) In Vila we baptise 50 candidates and 100 many other people were revive or reniew their life . We believe that more and more people will come to Christ next year as the spirit of God will keep moving among the believers .

As the ministry is growing I have to organize a conference in our main Town Port Vila and after a lot of effort put to that it happens , we held the conference on this month December from 6th ____9th and the theme of the conference was Empowering. It has turn up to be a very powerful conference apart from all previous conference I attended .Also this will be the first conference that I organized with the help of Our Pastors in Port Vila .

I praise our heavenly father for sending Mathew , Pam , and peth from Sydney Australia to join the conference and they did teach the church of a very effective lesson topic THE MARKET PLACE which Christian people who has been to the confrence where so bless about it and they said we have learn new things in this confrence and we are going to take back home and change.

About 32 of us that came from Tanna even tho we find it very difficult in finding enough finance to come over to this confrence but we finally made it . A member said I have enough money to travel to Vila but not enough to travel back , 12th on Sunday service we had service together at Eractor bridge and he stood up with boldness shared his testimony and God touches some ones heart to pay for his return back to Tanna .

His speech was of great faith because he looks over the situation and see Jesus in his heart . He was just a blessing to many believers as the tears of anointing dropes down his eyes. 4 months born again believer but he was full of great faith he goes on to say if he is in trouble in Vila no place to sleep or no food but will accept it as he’s poor but wanted to come in the conference as a step out of faith for God to bless him .

Registered members in the conference were about 164 not counting people living in Vila that joins in for night crusades . Before we came over to Vila we fasted and pray for the conference and God showed to a prophet that something will happen on the 8th that is Wednesday then it happens as I was teaching on Isaiah chapter 22 vs. 22 and topic the key , I asked them to find their key in Acts ch 1 vs. 8 .

You know with out the key John and Peter wouldn’t make it at the beautiful gate . We need the anointing of God in all our services in our movements so that Gods church can be build because if we go to church and we just read to understand then the power of Gods kingdom will not be manifested in us .

The holy spirit in the day of Pentecost is the key to receive Gods power .So church we need to come together in the church with one heart one mind And we can have the key to open the treasure of Gods power .

As I was still speaking about this then the spirit of God filled the atmosphere and see people run to the alter to receive the spirit of God . Great power of anointing fell so every body were all bless . Our last night was more power full with great anointing .When this happens in our conference I know that God has come in the same form us Greenhill to sake our main town in years to come .Because this happens to us and today the ministry is growing bigger and bigger in Tafea province . This is our main town as you all know we have people all over our Nation coming here and I believe as we establish properly here then we are going to extern the revival very quickly through out our Nation.

That Last night the chairman of Christian outreach centre who lives in Sydney ask me for an agreement to pea case a land in Vila to build and establish this move of God and part of the agreement was he offer to help port Vila with the amount of 35 million Vatu as first instalment . We are looking on paying of a school run by an Indian but not operating at this time ,it has broken down by poor management with 3 complete classrooms and one unfinished classroom .This school can hold 400 students and it is a 5 hectare of land .

So I would like to say all you support is like coming together not in the form of religion Jesus Is whom we worship and lifted John 12 vs. 32 if I am lifted up I will throw all men unto myself So let us come together and lift up the name of Jesus to see lost souls save in all Nations before the coming of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ .

My call to all believers all around Australia to those I know and those I didn’t know your prayers and your gifts towards the move of God is honour by me and our fellow Christian brothers and sisters . Your priority of your giving helps to take the word of God to many places around Vanuatu we are not building our house but one day you will be standing before the throne of God and the names of souls from Vanuatu will be announce and I believe Jesus would turn around , look at you and said come you faith full servant and he will reward you for you showing .

I will keep running with faith whether situation comes in my way it will not stops me because I know God loves people all around the world and sent Jesus to die for us all .Lastly I would like to sent our thanks to connected friends and ministries in Australia .

Lots of thanks to ____Cornerstone church (Ps Mickle and Margret)

To____Victory Church(ps Andrew and Keith)

To____Emanuel Family Church (PS aklilu and ps Barbra)

To____Mackay Gathering (Namarca and Viki )

To------Townsville (Glen and Ardi)

We would also sent our lots of thanks to Mr Lawrie Hennessey and Kathy for full filling the heart of God to build the foundation help and prepare thousands of souls in our Nation Vanuatu in the future to come . With this Vision we would like also to say thanks to those make the vision fulfilled .Mr Gream Rule and Rose thanks for your very good heart .

Rukmal and silini thanks for your very good heart

John Clark and mrs Clark you wonderful heart is honoured

We also not forgetting Pam Lorre ken , math, and perth with you great heart of leading the church of God to develop in the Market place

We also want to thank Jordan and his family of connecting to us and we look forward for greater things in your connection with us .

We don’t want to forget our sawing mother Ronda you are always in the heart of Tana sawing Ladies We honour you for the sacrifice you are making .

Lastly we want to sent our overall thanks to those who give to contribute for this vision if we didn’t mention your name but your secrets God will bless you.

On our behave ps Joshua and Serah we would like to let you know that without this great connection we will not make it but we believe in our hearts that God is in this connection for the purpose of saving souls in our Nation Vanuatu .

We are not rich we are poor but with our great God all thinks are possible that is impossible to Man .Please forgive us of any of our failure but as great move of God is starting to happening in our nation Vanuatu your will always find me and my wife Sarah under your chair (John 12 vs. 32 )

We honour you for that happens this year and we look forward for good cooperation next year 2011

We wish you all meryxmas and a happy new year 2011

Ps Joshua and serah

All Vanuatu pastors

Man woman and children

God bless you all

Your connection information

Ps Joshua and serah healing touch centre GreenhillTanna p.o.box172 Tafea Province Vanuatu


Tell. 5464612(678)

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