Saturday, 5 March 2011

Thailand: 40 churches planted

Doug Higgins here, I trust you are doing well. Fiona and I thankyou so much for partnering with us here in Thailand.

I was asked for a very brief update from Huibri Martin, PA to Ps Sean Stanton head of the Pen Asia leadership team based at Canberra CLC.

I thought you might be interested in this as it captures a few critical areas we are working in right now.
3 celebration points, 2 challenges, 1 prayer point.

On another note I (Doug) will be going to Bairnsdale in Victoria on the 2nd of April to jump out of a plane for Parachute 4 Poverty. All funds raised will go to the Nail Poverty house building project. If you or anyone you know are able to sponsor me for this event that would be awesome. Sponsorship is tax deductible. The attached document (in word & pdf format) has all the details.
Have an awesome day,
Doug & Fiona.

Hi Huibri,

Over the past 6 months.
  • 3 things to celebrate
  • 1: 40 churches planted
  • 2: From the Creators Church Network we have sent our own home grown home supported Thai Lahu
church planting missionary couple to Burma to work with Lahu villages planting churches there.
  • 3: The Nail Poverty house building project, (through Tim Boyle, a Boeing engineer who has worked with
us on site) has received a Community Service award from Boeing International. It it the first
time this award has ever been given to an entity outside the USA.

  • 2 things that are challenges
  • 1: keeping the project work moving at a rate that will satisfy the key stakeholders, thus keeping the level of interest at a rate that will enable sufficient funds through the projects to bring them to completion in a reasonable time frame, thus enabling us to get on with more projects.
  • 2: To achieve and maintain a level of cutting edge excellence in what we are doing that brings us to the forefront in missions in South East Asia.

· 1 pryr point
  • With Every Home for Christ we are exploring storying for discipleship. Not just seeing people come to Christ but the reality of them becoming disciples, pastors, leaders & network church planting church planters, using this medium in non literate groups.

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