Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tanna: April News from Trade School

Hello to everybody and those who are interested in hearing testimonies of what is happening in the school .

We are going on well especially teaching the students the way God would like them to live. We are trying to let the children know the importance of living when Jesus is leading and being the captain of the home.

In Devotions and Bible studies with the student I am trying to let the students understand that our great grand parents have been 40 years in the wilderness and because of this destruction has come into our generation so the result is today we are finding it very hard to find prosperity in our life.

I told them this generation needs to make the change , we have to bring a difference into our society where we live. I even told them if we are not careful we will fall into the same trance. A student from Futuna island told me later "that even though my father is a pastor it was really a challenging because of all the messages you are giving and he said to me. Pastor I was a Kava drinker, smoking and going to clubs drinking alcohol, but as soon as I entered the school boundary I felt it was different. The atmosphere here is different so I went over to a village out there and give away my smoking stuff."

The next day a man came to me and said, "Pastor a student came and saw me and he gave me all his smoking tobacco". We serve an almighty God and we will faithfully seek his kingdom until his return. We need your prayers and support and you are welcome to come and learn more of what God is doing in our life .

Blessings from Connected Ministry Healing Touch Vanuatu.

Joshua and Serah

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