Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tanna: A whole village saved on 3 June 2011

Hello all my fellow Gospel workers around the world
This is another news from Vanuatu to all our friends that we are sharing together for this last days Gospel.
Today I would like to sent you our news of what happened on Sunday in one of our latest out reach crusade held in a Village with not any one being a Christisn . We got the invitation asking us to go after the chief of the village and his people lost one of their community members . He died of a spiritual sickness .

When he died one member of the community saw a great vision. Jesus came and spoke to them asking them to move out of the way they are living and go to pastor Joshua and give their life to Jesus. The lady shared the vision among them and the chief sent massage “we want you Joshua, to come to our village and speak to us about Jesus”.

Friday the 3rd of this month they all get  together that evening and all were  waiting for my arrival . As I came to the place they had prepared a flower ceremony. Before the service started, the chief of the village stood up and gave a welcome speech and sitting there listening I was suprised to hear him say “now I would like to tell you pastor Joshua that we have been living under slavery , under attack of the devil and we have lost already all our fathers and mothers and many brothers and sisters, but today I stand here in your presence to say that there is no other way to be saved as many members of the families left our home to live with relatives in other villages. I as the chief of the village have tried my very best to protect our family but I have come up to invite  you to our village to tell you that today we will follow the God you are serving. We want Jesus to come into our life. And now I am declaring that we will all give our life to Jesus, young and old.” As I heard this I felt a touch in my heart for these lost souls and I remember why God has allowed me to stop teaching and to reach out to lost souls. I feel I am not worthy of witnessing the lost souls getting save but I know its not my will but it is His will.

After the service on Sunday as I gave a call for baptism the chief was the first person to step out. That day I baptised 48 people. As they were standing in the line for baptism you could see tears dropping from their eyes because they were thinking of the worst times they have been facing but today Jesus is the answer to their problems.

Before I left to return back to Green Hill center the chief did a peace ceremony in front of everybody saying thank you for coming and leading them to Christ.

Friends thank for your connection to Vanuatu because you connection is a solidarity prayer for our lost souls here and even though you are not here with us God will keep helping you and blessing you. Because for every single soul that was saved God has answered your prayer.

We have more souls to reach all over Vanuatu but if God is with his people He has a plan to provide finance to other places throughout our Nation Vanuatu .

More news to you next time from pastor Joshua and Serah
Healing Touch Christian Center Vanuatu

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