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News from Tanna: mission to Ambae Island

HEALING TOUCH NEWS ( A mission to Ambae Island which is well north of Vila it lies between Pentecost and Espiritu Santo - see map below)

News sent August 2011

I am coming back to you to let you know that know I am in Port Vila and going across to Penama province . I am travelling with 4 of my men after receiving many telephone calls from Ambae asking me to go and teach and preach the word to them. I cannot refuse this calling that I feel God is calling me to go but my  question is how will I go. Turning in my sleeping bed up to the next morning as my spirit struggle,  will I do it or refuse it . The morning came and it was Sunday morning we went to the church , I stood up and announce at the end of the church service who is willing to sow into Gods kingdom for this trip.

Some showed interest to give but as we return home the next morning I got up from my sleep and I saw my wife counting coins and I asked her what are you doing with your coins? She turned to me with tears in her eyes “husband how can I leave you to go by your self I am counting my last coin to come with you”. At this tears dropped from my eyes also. This caused me to stay awake without sleeping well for 2 nights and praying for the situation. You know here in Vanuatu life is difficult in finance.  I was walking that night praying as the night atmosphere was very cool and as I came to my praying place  I said “Lord, where are you ?” and as I looked up I saw a great light fly across the sky and it brings me a touch from heaven as I walk back to the church.

A week later and our finances are enough for 5 people to go to Ambae. Our last struggle is for 4 people to get back to Tanna from Vila and is still waiting on God to answer our pray. We are now in Vila and our finance allows as to go to Ambae and back to Vila but from Vila back to Tanna we are believing that God will answer our needs. Sometimes things get very hard but I will keep running for my nation until Jesus returns . I will not limit my God in difficult times in my ministry for you my beloved friends in Christ I don't want to be a begger but my humble heart will continue crying for my nation until Jesus returns and receive us into His Glory .

Yours in healing Touch News Vanuatu Joshua and Serah  May God bless you  

The actual visit sent 5 September 2011

Hello my beloved friends in Christ we live for we have received salvation through Christ our Saviour .

It has been a struggle before reaching the province of Pennama on the island of Ambae as I have mention in my last news . Anyway we finally landed on the Island that God had showed to us. The first night we ended up in the church with a pastor and about 10 members in the church waiting to welcome us .
Before we started the service we pray and ask God why to we have to come here when we didn't have people to meet us for our visiting there . Even when we landed at the air port no body was waiting for us so we have to find our own way to the village where the church is .We feel that something must have gone wrong . We prayed and the prophet saw orange trees standing in a row but the wind blew against them and break down all the branches. Then we knew straight  away that Satan has damaged the church organisations and the love of fellowship has grown weak .

So we prayed for restoration , the next morning we were told to walk for 2 km to visit some believers, we went there and that evening God started throwing people as they heard  that  a Christian team has visited them. Sunday the next morning the house in which we were asked to hold the service was packed and while we were  still singing, the anointing of God fell down very strongly that people run up to the altar with tears and those who were sick God healed them .

When people see and listen and are restored then more and more people want to know about the team and would like to hear the word of God. People who received healing go back and tell the others and the invitation was so big that more and more people came for a healing prayer.

Where ever we were invited to a place a sign of rain was following us. It had not rained here for four months and this time people started to say these people bring an anointing with rain confirming it . The rain would not rain when we were walking but it rains every time at the end of every service. We will start singing and the people will start crying as they feel the anointing through the songs.
I taught for 2 days and at the end the leaders of the 5 centres each one stood up and confess to the members and other pastors. Our last  night was packed full of people and souls were save as I preached God's message on inheritance. The place was full of people 20 new souls were saved, 100 lives were renewed, 40 received healing and 100 a touch of a fresh anointing . Because of this they  will organise a provincial conference next year on December 12 to15 .

As we leave on Friday back to Vila they call us and said 9 years of separation between the five pastors have ended. On Sunday everybody will come together for a companion service and their first Vision is UNITY.

News from healing touch Pastors Joshua and Serah  

Ambae is C on this map - B i Port Vila on Efate Island - the main centre for travel - and Tanna is A further south. You will need to clikc open the map and zoom in etc to see the names

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