Friday, 23 December 2011

Amazing news from Pastor Joshua on Tanna

Hello to every one.

This is Healing Touch news to you again.
We are so grateful to see what God is doing here at this end of time as we are starting to see souls getting saved.
We had a ministry to southern part of Tanna and seeing 25 lost souls got safe and baptized. You   know our compassion heart is to see lost souls here in Vanuatu get saved. I was teaching one morning at about 10 o’clock and suddenly every body witness seeing water flowing out from the bamboo into an empty drum without any rain falling during that day with a sunny day, a lady stood up the next day and said it was her first time to see signs as what the Bible was talking about.

On the day of baptism another thing happen, during the hour of baptism the Holy Spirit fell on the people getting baptized as each one of them went inside the water and up as I was baptising them didn’t move back straight away but remaining in the water lifting up their hands and filled with the anointing of God. When this happens everybody felt the conviction of the spirit and started speaking in tongues. We didn’t see the dove flying down and sitting on each head but we all felt the very powerful presence of God.

The next day we got an urgent message asking us to go and pray for a sick person so we walk for an hour to reach the village. They took the sick person out and as we laid hands on him and say a prayer God healed him instantly, the pain left and him and his brothers and sisters received Jesus in their lives. More and more people are now giving their life to Jesus as they see great healings and miraculous happening. As we left the southern part of Tanna we now received a report that now the number of people giving their life to God is growing bigger and bigger.

So they are asking for a shelter as their church house for praying every Sunday and other days of the week due to their weekly program. We would like to say we have no problems in seeing lost souls safe but our problem is transport and we pray that God will help us one day provide a lift for our long journey to different communities or villages . We will never give up but we will continue on and on until Jesus comes back. Read and pass it on may God bless you.

We wish you all Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Blessing Joshua and Serah

Following the email this week Pastor Joshua rang Pastor Laurie and reported that following meetings with people of the John Frum cargo cult. Many of them starting at 5am walked to Green Hill for the Sunday service and Joshua reports that 108 of them were baptized.
This is an awesome event please read about the cult – example see John Frum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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