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Estonia: New year 2012 and New Missions Secretary Monika

Nr.1 2012.

My name is Monika Pavlovitševa and I have just stepped into the role of foreign missions secretary. Missions has been in my heart since the time I got saved and God quietly started to put into my heart the work of missions. That was already 20 years ago. I am grateful to God for every opportunity I get to serve Him.
I believe that everyone has their own mission field, wherever we can’t be and wherever we don’t go. We have the opportunity to do missions work every day! We can witness about God to our family, our neighbours, our work mates and we are able to travel where our heavenly father sends us. We always have the opportunity to be involved in missions even if we don’t leave home.
In the morning, after asking for blessing and favour for myself and my family, I also ask the same things for those who are on the mission field far from home. This doesn’t take a lot of your time but it brings a great victory in the spirit world. There is always the opportunity to also support missionaries financially. A few Euros every month for missions can be a great blessing both to the giver and to the receiver. Perhaps our heavenly father has blessed you with the gift of encouragement; use that to write to the missionaries, encouraging them. Be involved in missions!
Wishing with all my heart that our hearts would be open to the will of God

May all of you be really blessed!

Monika Pavlovitševa
ECPC Foreign Missions secretary

Toompea 3, Tallinn, 10130
Tel. +372 6607874


Johannes Kudrin

Georgia (September 2011)

This year’s autumn sees four years pass since we started our involvement in missions in Georgia. Today we can say that the goal and vision that we had has now been fulfilled. This was an enormously fulfilling occasion both to us and to the people in Georgia who we have been working with. We were invited there by local Christians and we were able to serve with local churches.

We encouraged them to start to serve publically. At first this was very difficult. The last two years we have been able to already conduct tent festivals and local believers in different places have been raised up to continue this work. Next year they will already start to conduct tent festivals where we have also been invited. The fact that they organise these things themselves gives us the opportunity to go forward.

As you all know, Georgia has been through a difficult time. After the war, there were a lot of homeless people, who didn’t even have the basics for living. We were able to help them with humanitarian aid that we distributed to people in the form of food packages. This brings to mind a man who can to the tent meeting by chance, simply passing by. He also received a food package. When we saw him a little bit later on, he had his hands towards heaven, crying and thanking God.

Here is another great story about some local elderly ladies. They sold sunflower seeds to make a small amount of money as poverty in their area was widespread. When a local orthodox priest came to the tent and had words with us, then these same ladies came to defend us and said that up until now, no one had ever given them any sort of help. But then „these people came“and gave us some food.

Last year our team was in the town of Gori together with our friends from Sweden. They gave to the local churches a large 40 seat bus that they were able to use to bring people from the surrounding villages to services. People were so happy.

We are thankful to Pastor Gela, who at present is carrying the ministry.  We hope that he is able to quickly put together a good team. That is really necessary.

We are able to say with a peaceful heart that our work which is good and wholesome has been completed!

Spain (October 2011)

In October we travelled to Spain to different places. We were invited there by local believers. They realised they need teaching on evangelism and looked us up. Now we also see very clearly the need to teach and encourage them. We are invited by them to work with them. In the near future when God opens the door, we will go to Spain as long as we are needed. We will start work there and in surrounding areas. We’d like to start there a mission’s centre.

Please pray continually for us, that work would go on as opportunities arise. We gratefully accept every form of help: prayer, finance and anyone who has a serious desire to assist us, you are more than welcome.

Be really blessed!

Vitali and Margit Taks

Bulgaria- 15.09 – 07.10.2011    
We went to Bulgaria at the invitation of our friends, who we hadn’t seen for 20 years, who had found us through the internet. Arriving in Sofia we visited the deaf club, where we met with friends and also deaf non Christians, showing them Christian films that were directed towards deaf, speaking to them about faith in God. We moved on to Varna, and in addition to showing some films, we also conducted a family seminar.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a sign language interpreter in the church but in spite of that a young man gave his life to the Lord. All went well in Bulgaria and our friends there remember us and show an interest in our mission work.

Astrakhan October 2011

Our mission’s trip to Astrakhan was very fruitful. Several deaf came there from all over Russia and there were also representatives from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. For two days in a row, from morning till evening we held talks about how to conduct conferences and evangelism in Russia. A coordinator was chosen who would contact churches where there is a deaf ministry. He was blessed by the bishop.

Petrozavodsk October 2011


There we conducted Bible and family seminars. Deaf came forward and repented. We also conducted fellowship and teaching to local leaders, in order that they would be encouraged, full of the Holy Spirit, to continue their ministry. We also visited a village about 25 kilometres where there were two home fellowship groups.

Riga November 2011

In November we visited Riga and conducted a family seminar there. With us was a family from Denmark, who wanted to help with humanitarian aid and also in worship. We spent several hours together with these Latvians and their pastor was amazed that deaf also are preaching the gospel. The next day 5 people were born again, with whom we spent time together in town just walking and relating. We are thankful to God, that He leads us on and gives us the opportunity to meet deaf non-Christians, that they would meet Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Coming up!


This is

What can those of us do, to whom the gift of preaching hasn’t especially been given, but still has inside of them a desire to go into the world and fulfil the Great Commission?
We have found the opportunity to go and help where a church tent needs erecting. We have received help ourselves for decades, now is the time to give ourselves. We have something to give!

In summer 2011 11 members of our church in Tallinn, Kose and Kuuresaare went on a „construction mission“to southern Russia, to the village of Ilinka. Together with the local church, they renovated the prayer house, built a playground for the children and cleaned up the area surrounding the church. We travelled, worked, prayed, became acquainted with local life, ate and rested together. In every way the hospitality there inspired Estonians to give these people their best – for the locals an amazing zeal to work. The trip was a blessing to those that went and also to those who hosted them. Both sides received a lot more that what they gave away – but that happens on the road God shows us to travel on.

„And every wise-hearted one among you shall come and make all that Jehovah has commanded:
The tabernacle, its tent, its covering, its clasps, and its boards, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets. “Exodus 35: 10-11.

We are going again this summer to Russia. We will continue the work in Ilinka and in the new destination that is in front of us called Joškar-Olas. Come along with us!


14.-30. July
The Antioch church in Ilinka needs our help!

We will go and take part in the mission trip where together we will continue to renovate the church building in Ilinka, near Astrakhan.

Tallinn – Narva – St Petersburg – Tver – Moscow – Mihhailov – Tambov – Volgograd – Astrakhan – Ilinka
(2 x 2500 km)

20. July - 5. August
MARI EL 2012
The church in Joškar-Ola needs our help!

We will go and take part in a mission’s trip, where we started in the capital of Mari land. There we will construct for the local church a playground for the children.

Tallinn – Narva – St Petersburg – Tver – Moscow – Vladimir – Nižni-Novgorod – Joškar-Ola (2 x 1900 km)
· We’ll travel via a small bus through Russia,
· We’ll get acquainted with the local church,
· We’ll lodge in the missions centre or in homes,
· We’ll take part in the churches services,
· We’ll work there as we can,
· We’ll also be doing a bit of sight seeing.

Transport, via and cost of food will be 350 € and will be paid by the person coming
The number of people able to come is limited.

For additional information and informing of your participation in the trip, please contact...
Titus Paldrok


Give, and it shall be given to you, good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over, they shall give into your bosom. For with the same measure that you measure, it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38


Recipient: Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church
Swedbank account number: 221014182298
IBAN: EE 232200221014182298
Explanation: Name of missionary or the project you wish to support

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for the benefit of our missionaries!

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