Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Vietnam: Pr as we embark on another Shine Training

Hi there
This week we are about to start another training with girls from China and local. There are some very significant places these girls want to take Shine and already the enemy is playing his dirty tricks.
Please cover us in pr for HEALTH, PROTECTION, ENERGY but also for multiplication of MUCH FRUIT.
Pray for our team and our families who usually get coped.
Hien Hue Thanh Mai Selena Myself (Deb) 
Pray for the participants
Elizabeth – (VN -Head of ESI VN. Their organisation reaches into the 10/40 – 12 countries)
Susan - (VN -Elizabeth's assist) Leanne - (VN - Working with us at AOG)
Robyn - (China - Working in strategic area) Denise - (China – working with prostitutes)
Liu Xi - (China – working with prostitutes) Kalinda - (China – working with prostitutes)
Emily - (VN - Desire to reach women here)
Thanks so much. 
Deb Hilton - Vietnam xx

Update 16 May
Hi faithful pr.. people,
We want to let you know that last weeks training went incredibly well. We are so excited about how far and wide this training will take Shine. Please pr that as these girls take it out now, they will feel confident to do this and not allow the enemy feed any self doubt. They are all SUPER eager to begin immediately.
The countries that will be touched are:
VN China America Countries in North Africa Other Asian countries Central Europe 
C.I.S countries (Russia, Ukraine etc)
Your pr… were vital and we felt the H.S working and moving and a strong anointing.

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