Monday, 24 December 2012

Thailand: Christmas

Hello everyone from Doug & Fiona and James & Twyla Higgins here in Thailand, & Zac in Australia.

We trust you have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant year in 2013.
2012 has been a year of excitement, growth and challenge for us.  Personally we have experienced a full gamut of emotions ranging from the complete joy of James & Twyla getting married in January through to the totally unexpected and tragic death of 46 year old Tracy (our sister in law) in November.

The ministry has also experienced a range of blessings and challenges with many churches being planted, hundreds of people coming to the Lord and a lot of work done in the development areas.  We will be revamping some things in 2013 as we look to consolidate the work that has been done particularly in the past 2 years.  Several of the conversations I have had lately have revolved around an increased presence into Burma, Laos and to a lesser degree China.  The exciting aspect of this is that the conversations have all been preempted by our local partners in independent conversations.

One verse that has held my interest lately is Isaiah 54:2-3.  I am sharing it from the New Living Translation.
"Enlarge your house; build an addition.  Spread out your home, and spare no expense!  Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.
Some of the time between Christmas and the end of January I will be fasting and praying with this verse as the framework for that."

The New Testament chapter I will be starting the year in is Luke 9.  I believe it is a rich chapter in getting to know who we can be in Christ and what it means to be His disciple.

Fiona is currently in Australia enjoying an Aussie Christmas for the first time in 8 years.  I will be joining her in Perth in late January then spending time in the eastern states up until the ACC National Conference in May.  James and Twyla will join us in Perth for a week and then for the National conference.  Pray for them as they are in the now in the process of raising their own ministry and living budget.

Regarding Capacity and what we are up to there will be an update. a formal report and a projection into 2013 to our partners shortly.  If you hear from us spasmodically and would like more regular updates please respond to this email with a note to that effect.  If you have received this email multiple times I apologise for that.  We are currently redoing our contact list.    

We are developing a prayer letter for 2013 and if you would like to receive it please reply to this email with a note to that effect.  It will be a simple dot point document of prayer requests and praise points and will be released once a month unless there are emergency prayer points or exceptional praise points between that "can't wait"!  (Ron will hope to post this letter on this blog)

We thank you for your continued involvement and partnership with us as we move into what is shaping to be an exciting year in 2013.
We pray that God richly blesses you in all your endeavours into 2013.
Doug, Fiona, James, Twyla & Zac.
We have prepared a short greeting that thanks to James creativity is downloadable from the following You Tube site

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