Monday, 1 April 2013

Vietnam Project List for 2013

Dear Friends,

As we have shared with you at the start of the year we have named 2013 the year of LIVING BIG. So in line with that vision for the ministry, we have just agreed with our respective government partners to go bigger and better in all that we do. This of course includes all of our projects so with that in mind, please find attached our latest AOG WR Vietnam Project List for 2013

We are particularly excited about this latest list as it's not really your typical list. Each and every project listed represents hundreds if not thousands of lives and whole communities that can be transformed. It also highlights our increased focus on capacity building and empowering people to help themselves which includes a lot more consultation with the community and increased training and awareness thus creating a more equal partnership.

As you will note when you peruse the attached document, we have some BRAND NEW PROJECTS hot off the press which we are very pumped about like Adopt-A-Farmer; Life Skills: Camps & Life Skills: Learn/Grow. 

We have also made SOME CHANGES TO THE COSTING OF A FEW OF OUR EXISTING LIFE-CHANGING PROJECTS. For those who are very familiar with our current projects, you will see that the cost of our Water Filtration Systems and SHINE/STRENGTH Internal Courses are dramatically lower. This is because we have wonderful and reliable people on the ground here helping to keep costs as low as possible so we can have the greatest impact. You will also note that some things have gone up slightly, most notably our Rural Development & Income Generation Livestock project. Due to our stronger emphasis on capacity building and empowering people to help themselves, we will be engaging in more intensive training for all project recipients including those being assisted with livestock. This further training, coupled with the higher cost of the livestock (piglets, ducks and chickens) has made it necessary to slightly increase the cost of this project. We believe that this greater emphasis will see an even bigger impact and increased effectiveness. 

Thank you once again for all that you do and for your heart to serve others. 

Be blessed,

Paul, Deb and AOGWR Vietnam Team
All tax deductible projects can be supported through our website: 
or call +61 3 8516 9600 or send a cheque to ACC International Relief (Note for Vietnam Projects) PO Box 5371, Brandon Park, Victoria 3150

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