Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thailand" Higgins Brief Update for 2013 October

Greetings from Thailand.

We trust this brief update finds you well.  This covers the past 3 weeks of our life.  We will get a more substantial newsletter to you this month.  

Thank you so very much for standing with us in all aspects that you do.  Realistically without you we would not be able to function here in Thailand.  You are a blessing and are making a huge difference in Thailand and the surrounding nations.

We have not had teams in for some time, but God has blessed us recently with two outstanding back to back teams from Victoria in Australia.  We also had some personal friends visit at the same time and that was a real blessing to us as well.  In the midst of this our van was at the panel beaters and then into the Toyota service centre for a regular check up, which turned out to be very significant, time consuming and costly.  Apart from that in the past 3 weeks we have also shifted house, driven 4,000 kilometres, spent some time working through immigration issues, and secured a visa for Ruth who is rejoining us for a season.  Specific to the work we have also done one seminar, one retreat, 4 leaders sessions and 2 small development overviews, one masters study report and preached 4 times.  Then the teams arrived.  

During first week with the teams we were able to achieve the following.

Ministry into the life of 7 churches.
Visitation and ministry into 4 children's homes. 
One presentation on human trafficking issues in the region.
Visitation and ministry to 1 school for mentally retarded children (deaf and dumb school).
Visitation and ministry to 1 extra curriculum school.
Visitation and ministry to 1 youth correctional prison centre.

The direct ministry results of the week has been 63 salvations and the beginnings of one church plant and a significant ongoing invitation to teach English through the Bible in the youth correctional facility.  We have also been asked to return on a more regular basis to the deaf and dumb school as well. 

During the second week with the teams we were able to achieve the following.

Ministry into the life of 14 churches.
Visitation and ministry into 4 children's homes.
Visitation and ministry to 5 refugee schools.
Visitation and ministry to 1 extra curriculum school.

The direct ministry results of this has been 62 salvations, the beginnings of 2 preaching points and the follow up conversations have been outstanding.  The ministry touched the hearts and lives of the 14 churches and brought refreshing to many in ministry and many school teachers as well.  Additionally there were physical healings and various breakthroughs in peoples lives.  

Our past 2 weeks looked like this. 

Churches: 21
Children's homes: 7
Schools: 7
Prisons: 1

Salvations: 125.
Church plants: 1
Preaching points: 2
Literature delivered: 4000 pieces.

Direct ministry to:
Children: 1659.
Adults: 556.
Leaders: 117.
Teachers: 100 (approx).


With Capacity JEM 2432 people were directly ministered to in 21 churches, 7 children's homes, 7 schools and 1 prison in the past 2 weeks.  This occurred in 4 provinces and resulted in 125 salvations, several physical healings, 1 church plant starting, 2 preaching points established, more than 4000 pieces of Christian literature distributed and many return invitations into schools, the prison system and cross denominationally into the churches.  Indirectly an additional 3000 people (approx) have been and will be impacted by the 2 weeks of ministry.  

Thank you for standing with us, because without you this is not possible. 

Love and blessings,

Doug & Fiona Higgins.
James, Twyla and Narelle Higgins.  


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