Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vietnam: Highlight of Paul and Deb's mission

The highlight so far has to have been seeing the AOG receive full registration and that we played a part in that.
Now as we train more and more brothers and sisters in our life skills programs (all Chris..tian) based, the govt have now asked for this training. For these lifes kills programs as they see the need for 'good' seeds to be planted in this generation. The exciting thing is - we now have permission to do this with 1000s of Govt and youth. AND who will be assisting us? our national brothers and sisters. The ch teaching the gov. Ptl.

Ron: It was delight for us that Cornerstone played a small part in funding the dear Hilton's first trip to Vn. and from that came AOG recognition by the Gov.

Our missionary friends can all be followed on Facebook as can Cornerstone..

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