Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thailand: Prayer needs and events May 2014

18 May These are 14 of the students we assist with education scholarships at Mae Wang in north Thailand.
$19 per month for primary, or $38 per month for secondary students.
They get a good education together with an opportunity to personally relate to Jesus.
It is a privileged opportunity to invest into the future of a nation.

PRAYER NEEDS: The political situation in Thailand. Fiona's father. The students above. Many converts.

Some Day by Day comments from Doug via Facebook
22 May We have another coup happening. Would appreciate prayers for the nation & it's people. We are okay; you learn to absorb these things as part of living in Asia.

29 May A. Duk. (Me). Are you here alone today? Yes.
Wife has gone to Oz. Her dad is not good. James is studying. Local team is sorting upcoming teams. Granddaughter is resting. Oh? coup? Going well. Military intervention going well.
Post grad studies okay. Earthquake? Ok. 1 wedding. 2 church plants.
1 military takeover. I coup d'tart. Prep 3 upcoming teams. 2 teams in.
3 serious mentoring/coaching situations. 1 crisis exit strategy review.
Reduction of 15% finances. Selling 1 car ( stressful in Thailand).
Properties negotiated. Working through 1 build project which has blown out 20%.
Etc,etc. My last 30 days.
I am here alone today, but am fully immersed with the one who knew May 29/2014 was imminent.
30 May I am praying for 50+ first time decisions & 2 church plants birthed.

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