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Tanna: June 2014 news from Pastor Joshua

Cornerstone church wants to help the people of Vanuatu and on the Island of Tanna we are working with Pastor Joshua and Healing Touch Ministries.
In 2005 Cornerstone built a large church at Greenhill and many people from Cornerstone went to the opening in 2006. Since then at Greenhill a trade school and visitor accommodation block have been added. Pastor Joshua and his ministry team have taken the Gospel around Tanna including to the cargo cult people. To help all these folk Cornerstone has built more churches around Tanna. Healing Touch Ministries is reaching out to the nation of Vanuatu and Pastor Joshua is now based in Port Villa. Pastor David is looking after Greenhill church and Joshua frequently visits Tanna...
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 Now some recent news from Joshua ............
First of all thanks to Cornerstone for our churches that had already build by Laurie and the boys . We honour you Cornerstone for building for our life in this poor nation Vanuatu. For the development for the Ministry I have baptised 18 souls during Easter holy day in Vila and before last week another 15 souls and this coming Sunday there are more to be baptised.
I have been to Tanna last week and for the school we have already completed the septic tank and toilet block footing already and level it with the classroom next is the accommodation for visitors house.
We have dug the well 7 meter deep and put in the plumbing and now we have water. We are still negotiating for power to be installed.

Whilst in Tanna I will visit churches helping them to keep moving on. Mike for our electrical training I will talk to Daniel and see if you could come later this year or next year. We will wait for the class room to be build first this year so I could let everybody knows about it.The two missionaries that are in the school now will return back in July they said the project for the school will finish by November and then be dedicated.

More News for you from Healing Touch Ministries Vanuatu covering the Easter period
It has been another level of life as we were praying yesterday in the church and this is what had happen. After we share the word from how blessed is Daniel with a different spirit that the world didn't know. Daniel build up his trust in God very strong that even when he was thrown into the lions den not even one single bite from the hungry lions bit him. Today around the world we are surrounded by the walls of the system of Babylon and Satan is moving around like a roaring loin to devour but praise be to God he will protect us through His mighty power as we build our trust in Him more and more in all situations we are facing. When Daniel was in the hand of the soldiers going to the lion's den Daniel with the different spirit build his trust stronger and stronger as the Bible says the angels of heaven came down and close the mouth of the hungry lions. How about you in you situations friends God touches my heart while I was preaching this word and tears dropping from my eyes as every body in the church where all convicted and started moving to the altar.

But as they move to the altar something else happen a young man fell by the spirit to the floor and slept there for an hour in a deep sleep and as he stood up he said he saw angels of God has come down and pick him up and higher and higher they when up. He said as he was up higher he saw a planet (this is heaven). The voice said lets go around the planet 5 times and at the end of the five time they took him to the planet but he said he recognise he was still sleeping in the angel's hand. He look and he saw lights coming every where towards the throne as though it was a building but there is reflection of light and as he look he saw Jesus sitting with a crown on his head and he hear the voice saying LONG LIVE THE KING  LONG LIVE THE KING 3 times AND Hear HOLY HOLY HOLY so he saw him the angels took him to the first holy he said
he look he could see the brightness of the kingdom  is so white and there is no light colorful and he look and he hear the voice asking him to laugh so he said he laugh and laugh and as he was laughing he can hear music and angels singing holy holy holy  LONG LIVE THE KING He said he couldn't go on to the second holy and the third holy but he said he never stood up and walk until when he wakes up service has already ended. Must have been an hour sleeping.
Friends this is my first time seeing this and I know we are living in the last days. My question is are you preparing to enter into the holy kingdom Jesus has prepared. He wears his crown of life after his death on the cross and He is now waiting for you and me to take a step and your decision to give you total life to him. Are you ready for Christ.
Healing Touch Ministries prays for you in the name of Jesus may you be bless .
Psalm 37 vs 23 "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." The world can be tough sometimes in our life but David never find failure in Gods sight of him though he fall the Lord up held him with his mighty hand. We can face a lot of obstacles in our life but our good Lord will never drops us off in his right hand he will bow down and pick us up in his right hand for he has prepared a mansion for every one of us and one day we will sing hallelujah with him for ever.
May God continue to bless you forever Amen

God speaks through challenges he made us know more about him , he is as a real God and without him you might died during the accident but he is faithful in looking after us. As Jesus is faithful with his disciples in the boat. The message of faith rises in us when we see his power like the disciples in the boat . Gods is always with us, and still with us in times of trial and his love is so great that the world would not give us any thing.                    
In Tanna revival is continuing and more souls are getting saved. Pastor Daniel from south Tanna call me to day saying "a clever person that came go to him for healing has been a block to the ministry in the south for some years has now turn to Christ and got baptised on Easter week. Today he called me reporting that now they continually praying for sick people without stopping and people join and give their life to Christ as the result of healing taking place .
Pastor David from Green hill was talking to me with tears for the church was packed full on Sunday not knowing how they came to church and he said more and more people are giving their life to Christ.
Pastor Laurie Hennessey from Australia is arriving in Port Vila tonight and we will both fly to Tanna tomorrow to build a church in the middle bush of Tanna. During Easter camp in Vila I teach and preach and on Sunday 18 souls were baptised. The number increases as the anointing of God is touching more and more lives.
We are still thinking of you and praying in our hearts that God will continue to bless you . Somtimes I look back to what had happen so far my heart broke to see and hear souls getting save in Healing Touch ministries in Vanuatu. We love God and we will always be faithfull to him as somtimes things are heart but God knows all our needs us we live for him .
Blessing from Joshua and Serah Ruth Mary Laurie Ken and Susan  May God bless you
Healing Touch Ministries Vanuatu


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