Friday, 11 July 2014

Thailand: 11 July 2014

Doug Higgins on Facebook Come Holy Spirit, fall afresh on us all.
A few (several) people ask me what we are up to in Thailand lately. We continue do work with children, buildings, hospitals, prisons, displaced people, medical outreaches etc, but from a Gospel Justice rather than a Social Justice basis. What's in a word? In this case eternal destiny.
Now we are more fully stepping into the call & gifts on the life of Capacity, on my life and the lives of those working with us.

Matt 11:4-5 is a clear response by Jesus to the who/what question.
Q. Are you the one? A. Look at the results.

Once we get the what sorted, the rest is more easily defined and easily tracked.
John's disciples asked the who question, Jesus answered the who, with the what.
He later makes the "you will do greater works" statement. Again, the what.
The meaning of greater in that context is more.
We are mandated to do what Jesus did, but more of it.
In Thailand, the "Jesus What", invaded a few lives during the week.
To see a cessationist spontaneously speak out in other unknown tongues is a pretty cool sight.
Once they got the "Jesus What", the veil was torn and they could see the "Jesus Who" far more clearly, far more experientially and far more personally.
Assisting church plants and discipling fruit that lasts is so much easier when the What is the initial outworking of the Who. It also stimulates quality conversation regarding the why, the when and the how.
It ain't rocket science. Preach the gospel, cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper. The NLT in Acts 2:5 indicates people ran to church because the What was happening. That tore the religious veil, Peter then preached the non sugar coated version of the Who, and about 3,000 people;
A) Made the decision to accept Christ
B) Were Baptized.

Hhhmmm. I think I've preached myself happy. Selah.

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