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Fwd: Higgins' Capacity Update February 2015

Higgins' Capacity Update February 2015

Capacity e-newsletter February 2015


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Australia visit 2015
Doug is travelling to Australia in 1 week!! Dates are below.

EAST COAST & SA: Saturday March 7 to Sunday June 1, 2015

**New dates added for WA 
Wednesday September 30 to Wednesday October 28, 2015
"Australia Map Stock Photo" by Gualberto107  from (Image ID: 100169318)

Please be praying for this time with our supporters and partners. For a list of locations where Doug will be speaking over the next 3 months see below.
(current as at Feb 26, 2015 and subject to change).
Click to view schedule
First Love and Fire Meeting 2015
First love and fire is a gathering of people who are hungry for more of the things of God. We are expecting the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit evidenced in healing, deliverance, reconciliation, etc. Things will happen when we gather together to pray, worship and spend time in God's presence.

When? Saturday April 18, 2015 from 10am-8pm

Where? Liberty Hill Chrisitan Centre, 2a Brunker Road, Chullora, NSW, Australia (SYDNEY)
Click below for google map

The event is not designed to be detrimental to the church body, which is doing a great job within it's specific calling. Nor is it designed to be a promotion for Doug/Capacity's mission work, though this has been a catalyst.

There are ample food places available in the area. We will not be providing main meals (lunch/dinner) as part of the event. You will need to make your own arrangements for the day.

Parking is available at the location.

Feel free to invite others who are like-minded and are longing to see something change in their lives as a result of us gathering together.

To assist with logistics, please RSVP via Email or Facebook: First Love & First 2015

Prayer needs

  • Opportunities working with the Burmese people; both church planting and community development work; God's wisdom and favour when meeting with village leaders and officials. The river crossings have temporarily stopped and anyone crossing faces prosecution and possible imprisonment.
  • Financial support for all Capacity team members - if you would like to know more about how to support us please see below
  • A vehicle for James and Twyla that has sufficient space for 2 infant seats and is within our budget. If you would like to contribute towards this please see below
  • Clarity for Ruth's long-term ministry in Thailand & her return to Australia in March
  • Doug's health and for effective ministry times as he travels throughout Australia
  • Continue to pray for the church in Thailand; for unity, to see and believe in the things of the Holy Spirit and for the to see beyond themselves to other people groups and nations.
Opportunities with the Burmese 

In January Doug had the opportunities to travel into 2 different villages in Myanmar ("across the river"). 

Ps Nujira, with some financial assistance, agreed to purchase some land in a village, across the river. The purpose of the land is still in discussion with the people in the village. We are praying with Ps Nujira for wisdom for the best direction to take.

In another village, Doug was one of a couple of foreigners, among 2,000 people, who were able to witness the Karen Army's
60-year commemoration.

Both of these places were different places to where we have been previously.

In addition, there have been a number of unplanned opportunities recently to connect with and assist with the Burmese church and Burmese people in Thailand. We are continuing to pray about our involvement and taking the opportunity to speak with whomever God places upon our path.
Financial Support
 Our commitment to the work and our desire for church planting, preaching, teaching, leadership development, outreach, discipleship and project work have not decreased, even though our financial support has.
We are launching Project 365 in 2015.
Project 365 is simply, $1 a day for 365 days to help support various aspects of our work in Thailand.  Click here to find out more.
Thank you for considering supporting us.

A financial partnership with us, through ACC International can be initiated by downloading a pledge form here.

To support us please download the required forms here and email/send to Kien at ACC International Missions
To set up automatic direct debits download an additional form here 
Mail cheque donations to:
ACC International Missions Ltd
5/2-4 Sarton Road
Clayton  VIC  3168, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 1300 997 502 (Australia) / +61 3 8516 9600 (overseas)

Please ensure that you write "Doug & Fiona Higgins" on the back of cheque so that the funds reach us and whether the funds are "Sponsorship" or "Gift".
For Direct EFT/bank transfer donations:
Account Name: ACC International Missions Ltd
Account BSB: 013384
Account Number: 256194005
*Please ensure that you include one of these references in your EFT transaction so that the funds reach us.

Sponsorship is for regular support and is counted towards our overall budget. Gifts are one-off donations that can be utilised for any need.

Support for James & Twyla can be sent through ACCI also using the references JHIGGINSSPONSOR or JHIGGINSGIFT
 Just after New Years, Doug spent some time praying about 2015. To do this, he went driving (of course!)... to Mae Hong Son and back. He finds that driving enables him to process and just spend time with God that otherwise he wouldn't have. With all the driving he does throughout the year, it's a good thing!! The city of Mae Hong Son is actually only a 20min flight from Chiang Mai, however to drive it takes about 8 hours due to the road (over 1,800 turns and many of them are switch-backs/hair-pins). It confirmed that we are heading in the right direction; ministering on things of the Holy Spirit. There are many churches that we have visited in the last 12 months that are hungry for the things of the Spirit yet their understanding on these things requires new teaching and unlearning what they've been taught previously.

We are excited about the opportunities that are presenting themselves and believe that God wants to pour out His Spirit in a new way.
Doug has also had the opportunity to speak with the staff of International Justice Mission (IJM) Thailand through a long-term Thai friend, who now works at IJM. The staff day-retreat was held at the Doi Suthep campsite. It was an impacting time for the team as they heard from Doug about the importance of prayer and fasting. Thai people love their food so fasting isn't very often taught or spoken about in churches.
We spent some significant times with churches in the city of Chiang Mai during January also.
It is important to recognise that we are here to serve and work alongside the local church.

It's value and commitment to the community are paramount; we are not here to be ones to take over but are here to partner with each other.

One church, is longing for revival in the hearts of the congregation but also to see the demonstration of God's power and might through miracles. We were also about to speak to the church about leadership and the subsequent harvest. The messages over 2 days encouraged them to prepare well for 2015 and what lies ahead.

James & Twyla's news
James and Twyla have been adapting to the new addition in their family. Looking after a 2-month old while chasing a toddler around has been keeping them busy. James' bible college studies commenced in February (he's doing 3 subjects this semester). He's also working on 3 videos for ministries located in Thailand.

We are thankful to God that James' work permit was renewed for another 2 years in early February. Please pray for 
Avilyn's visa to be approved in March/April and for the whole family's visa renewal to go smoothly in July. James is continuing to be a part of the worship team at House of Praise church in Chiang Mai and the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) worship team also. In mid-Feb he lead worship for YWAM's monthly connect meeting where all the Chiang Mai staff gather together to share about what God's been doing and where He's leading them.

James, Twyla, Narelle and Avilyn are also heading to Australia for a month in mid-March to spend time with their Australian family and itineration.
Ruth's journey
Ruth is returning to Australia on March 15, after her 5th time volunteering with us in Thailand. Collectively, since 2009, she has spent about 2 years in Thailand learning the language and culture, adapting to life here and inputting tremendously into the work here. We are all very sad to see her go (again!) as she is an integral part of Capacity JEM. Ruth has also been able to establish quality relationships outside our work with Thais and other international workers.
We are praying with Ruth that she will be able to quickly raise her budget of approx. $2,000 per month, that will allow her to return full time to Thailand and pursue that call God has upon her life. She is a blessing and we need her on the ground in Thailand.

If you would like to support her in prayer and/or financially please email her directly at
World AG Fellowship Congress, Bangkok

More than 70 AG (Assemblies of God) nations came together in Bangkok from February 4-6. to join in the congress. The theme of the congress was "So All Can Hear". There are now more than 90 nations with an AG national missions program established. This was a very exciting and affirming conference for us, as we have been challenged in recent years to focus more of our time in teaching and discipleship with the support of the local church.
Water baptism

Water baptism's in Thailand are one of the most important decisions a person can make. Many can 'raise their hand' to say yes to Jesus, but often this is to give honour to the speaker rather than a meaningful, thought-out decision. Water baptism, on the other hand, is really the declaration of their faith. This month we prayed for, along with a local pastor and another missionary, and baptised a lady who is extremely ill and bedridden. The meaning of water baptism was explained to her and she agreed to be baptised.  Usually people are baptised in the river or pool, but in this case, water was poured over her. It's always a wonderful time when someone makes a genuine commitment to God - for however long their time on earth might be. We are blessed by this sister's faith and we know we will see her again!
Church leadership

In mid-February we travelled to a Karen village in the mountains along with a couple of other people. The village has 180 registered members in the church. It was the first time the Capacity team have visited this village and we were a little unsure about what to expect. Doug shared throughout the weekend (Fri afternoon-Sunday afternoon) about vision and unity. Part of the sessions involved establishing what the church's vision was. Many people who attend church do not know the essence of their church's vision statement. This was true in this case. So the question begged to be asked, "If you don't know where the bus is going, why are you on it?" 
With reference to Habakuk 2:2-3 and Psalm 133, we encouraged them to write and work through their vision statement, establishing key points from most important to less important and working on implementation keys. This helped bring some clarity and context to the church and its activities... the why we do what we do!  

Doug was also asked to share in their 5am daily prayer/devotions meeting, before they head off to harvest/plant their rice and other activities.

We joined in prayer together (in at least 4 languages) at the top of the hills for the village and the area to come to know Christ. A wonderful time of unity as God's family.
Contact Information
Doug Higgins
Phone: +66 95-447-0802
Skype: higginsmission

Doug's loxinfo email address and previous phone number are no longer active. Please update your records accordingly.

James Higgins
Phone: +66 84-222-9157

Ruth Prosser
Phone: +66 96-538-9133 (Thailand until March 15 2015) /
+61 434-131-813 (Australia)

Skype: ruthprosser_aus

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