Sunday, 1 November 2015

GIFTS OF HOPE - Vietnam 2015

Hello November! Can you believe we are saying that! 

Recently, we were back in Australia for meetings and Paul’s surprise birthday party. On our quick trips to the shops during that time, we saw many Christmas decorations starting to appear around the place. 
Then on our way back to Vietnam via Singapore there they were again, all over Singapore airport the reminder that Christmas was not far away.
Decorations have not appeared here as yet, but we know it won’t be long as Christmas becomes a more well known commercial event in this nation. 
With gifts being in the forefront of the commercial stage, we would rather have gifts available that are going to bring life to others. 

With this in mind, we have prepared our yearly GIFTS OF HOPE for you to peruse as an opportunity to give back over this Christmas period. 
Thanks for partnering with us by giving a gift that can change a life.
 2015 Christmas Gifts of Hope
Love Paul, Deb and the AOGWR team


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