Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Vietnam: Update from Paul & Deb

Update from Paul & Deb
Photo source: 'The Guardian'

Due to the recent typhoon Damrey, Central Vietnam has taken a mighty hit, including many areas we at AOGWR are working in.

At this stage we are looking to focus our attention on the Central Highlands area and another area closer to our AOGWR Centre. 

Theses mountainous communities have been affected quite badly by the Typhoon. We know of 12 houses in just one of the villages has been totally buried by a landslide. Roads were impassable for quite some time. We've been told that 60 people were moved to the local secondary school and had sought refuge there. Some have now moved to a new location, setting up shelters and camping with "tents" outside.  

Although we do not have specifics on how we will assist, we will be assisting. A possibility for assistance is helping with rebuilding. We are waiting on our Govt partners to advise.

Funding is what we need to see things happen quickly. Having funding available as soon as we get the word is critical. If you could give towards this need, we would love your partnership on this. Any amount over $2 is tax deductible and will be used towards this situation and connected projects in these AOGWR focused areas.

Photo source: 'Local acquaintance'
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Our heartfelt thanks.
Paul, Deb and AOGWR team

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